Ecology of higher standars

We have been always taking special care about environment. Many years ago, in our hostel in the centre of Kraków we implemented:

  • waste segregation,
  • market plastic bags to all bins,
  • control of boiling water, apart from the notice on a kettle to boil only needed amount of water,
  • special place for food left by checking-out guests for others instead throwing it into bins,
  • organic wastes were being taken to compos, or for our animals,
  • saving energy bulbs in all rooms.

We are delighted to continue these activities here and we develop much more advanced projects here, as the country environment gives us the new opportunities.

Pinky hand-made chicken cote looking like refridgerator

We have constructed a strange mini-house from rests of material left after big house building. It is designed for hens and 1 young rooster. Beside the fact that it looks a bit weird, it has everything it needs. The food that the hens are fed is a mixture of: potatoes, rye, bread rests, beetroots that stay after our beetroot juice is made, wastes form different sources – everybody with food rests-come here! Besides, everyday diet must heve wheat and dried nettle straght from our garden with all the minerals and vitamins. In May we pick up fresh nettle to dry it and prepare for winter time. Delicious! Now, nobody from the family and friends throws away bread or whatever is left on their table. In other words – no waste is wasted!

The kingdom of hens begins with a cute gate wrapped with grape climbers brought from south of France. Other species are growing on the fense.

Amazing – the hens sit down and lay eggs!

Pink chicken cote will face the strongest winter – it's insulated by polystyrene. It's funny in there, there are four perches to jump, equipped with air-condition made of old gutter, with a rooflet protecting from rain and grating protecting from inhabitants from univited guests.

PROJECT – home-made products

We make at home:
  • sour juice from beetroot – our manufacture of red-blood cells and natural antybiotic. It is so delicious that we can't keep up with doing it. Friends want more and more, but it needs time to be good. No hurry to be consumed.
  • natutal medicine. We don't take medicines. To our opinion nature gives you medicines. We make special cures for adults with alcohol, and with sugar for children. We don't have colds.
  • juices made from raspberries, no artificial fertilizers and chemical sprays. It's made by traditional method - kilo fruits and kilo sugar.
  • jams from different fruit and small amount of sugar. In winter time – it's nothing better than eating all the jar at once. Mniam, Mniam...

We are progressing to be better. There's something new all the time.

PROJECT – ecological cultivations

We water plants only with rain water from big water tanks. We don't use artificial fertilizers. Compost is our treasure. We store organic wastes for many years and it's still not enough. Now – we can add some natural fertilizer from the cote – better not to think what's going to happen now! Even without it everything here was so huge...

PROJECT – feeding a hedgehog

Hedgehog can be met on the way to compost or close to stairs by the house, where we leave food for our cat.He likes it also! When he is not there – he can be at the front of a building rustling among leaves.
Attention – don't pick him up!

a to jeż właśnie


Why not to cook water in fireplace? A huge pile of twigs can be used as an alternative source of energy. We can cook a soup as well. In fact you can cook everything.

And the nice warmth spreads aroung. The air is different. The speciality of the masoin are potatoes wrapped in a foil baked in the fireplace. The fire energy can bake and even burn.

PROJECT – support for bees

Implementing this project, we planted at the back of the house old-style but charming solidago. This plant not only has a nice shape of a ears, but also allures flying creatures. Some of people underestimate this plant - what a weed... Whatever you call it – it is beautiful and honey-giving. Bees population is perishing at a terrifying pace. It's not a secret that when they die, humans die also. We cannot allow it! That is why we promote in our garden Polish, traditional old-style flowers, full of colours and scents of sweet nectars. We are a bit fed-up with conifers. So we merge with the colours and fragrances of Polish summer, we used to know. Like on holidays in Grannys house!

PROJECT – alluring butterflies

Summer, old-style flowers with original name Rudbekia, dwell in a lawn like a big yellow field. We love them as they warm-up the eyes of sunny yellow and allure with their fragrance butterflies of a diffrent kind, creating an atmosphere of a country summer. More delicate rudbekia of a pink colour grows shyly, calling even more colourful insects.

Who says tha nature is dying... Just plant rudbekia!

PROJECT – drying nettle

In May we crawl into every corner looking for nettle plants. We pick up them in the garden, and the borders but never by the road, even though it is not busy. Nettles usually are cut down as a weed, and this is such a source of witamins and minerals! We drink this source and feed our hens with it – precious supplement to each portion of their diet.

Drying room is at the attic. Dry and airy.

PROJECT – rain water tanks

In a place taking care for an environment you have to have them! This is unbelievable how much water falls down from the sky. We have two tanks like that and we think about more – this is such a shame that so much treasure is wasted disapearing somewhere in the ground.

The rain water tanks are wrapped by ever green creepers, on some walls grapes straight from south of France will make home. Under a tap a handy water is stored in black boxes with lids. In hot days water is warm and we „take shower” in it. Garden screen and we invite all volunteers!

What are the advantages of it:
  • satisfaction and support for water sources,
  • dissapearing costs of tap water usage.
Where you can use it:
  • summer shower in a bowl or let somebody help me!
  • watering thousands of polants we have here
  • polishing our Country Rooms is no more tears to waste so much water pouring and pouring down from taps. And you must be aware of how much water you need to keep it clean.
  • washing head with rain water, in other words - why didn't I listen to my Grunny before...?

PROJECT – too much water into a sink

In a kitchen sink we put a bowl, and all the water from washing dishes is used to water our numerous pot flowers. A light mixture of detergent keeps awful surfacing lathes from the plants, and the rests of food fertilize them. Come and see how healthy they look!