Our offer

We are happy to share our joy

Beautiful, picturesque landscape view.

We are situated on a hill, where we can observe the surrounding area from here and we can see Kraków on the south, in a valley full of lights. And on the east we can see sparkling lines of rushing cars on E77 road. We have never seen anything more picturesque than fireworks in New Years Eve celebrations here. On the top of a world!

Wonderful, very fresh, clear air free of pollution and city smog.

Thanks to immense green fields, meadows and woods we have a special microclimate here, more refreshing air than in Kraków, and strong winds chase away dark clouds and strong storms never happen here. Most of the time we are wrapped by wind and burned by summer sun. Our guests feel the change at once.

Silent and peaceful area

Górna Str. is a small suberbian road. The building is surrounded by green fields, neighbours far away. Although we are so close to Kraków, we feel the countryside with all the range of scents and sounds, like shouts of starting off pheasants. Deers come over close to our garden fence, hares, foxes. Birds start to chirrup in the dawn time and keep like that till dusk. There is a ”private” starling that follows the person digging in the garden. Sometimes we can hear an owl.

It is really beautiful here! Nothing more, nothing less – simply beautiful!

White hall and common room all immersed in the sun.

You will be welcomed by a vast, full of plants white hall with chairs to sit down and admire a view of a garden. The sliding glass wall allows to observe it even when it rains. Believe us – it is the same delightful. We can offer you also big common room, decorated in traditional style of polish manor house, where you can move back in time. Here is a big table ready for a feast. The common room is full of sunny light – sounth and west rays. For your dispose – books, comfortable sofas to read it, lie down and fly away with your thoughts, interesting magazines, rumours from all over the world. TV screen on a commode. Fire in the fireplace in cool days. A desk for hard workers. Wi-fi access.

Cosy and colourful rooms

Our rooms decoration is related to a hostel we had in the centre of Kraków – DJ Hostel. Strictly speaking they look the same – they have the same colours, they are simple and designed for the comfortable hostel accommodation. But they are situated in the surrounding of differrent common areas – the style of old polish manor house with traditional polish country garden. We are in the country and we'd like to feel this atmosphere. We reccomend to rest in our garden kept in a country style, to breath-in clear air, to go for trips. But our rooms are so nice that no wonder that you'd like to stay inside opening a window to watch the beautiful garden and red geranium on widow prapets.

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In the price

Coffee of different flavours to choose, black tea and a neattle tea FROM OUR GARDEN – lot of natural vitamins and minerals. Wi-Fi . Parking. Towels on request. You can use grill equipment.


śniadanie śniadanie

Our treats

We like to share what we sometimes make here with others, and the most of all – we like to be praised for them! Because we like to manufacture delicious things! It can be also:
  • pancakes with apples,
  • a tea with raspberry juice, made from raspberries from our garden,
  • fried summer squash with curry,
  • home-made fruit cake or cup cake,
  • potatoes wrapped with a foil, baked in a fireplace,
  • drop scones,
  • jam,
  • curing ecological mixtures for the ones who easily get colds.

Countryside attractions

  • An evening trip to collect eggs from our chicken cote. ecology
  • Feeding hens with wheat – takes place in the afternoon. ecology
  • Taking countryside shower in the water from rainwater tanks.
  • Grilling or cooking on special caboose in a special smoked pots.
  • Garden attractions for children – a sandpit, trampoline, swing.

We are working to progress and are open to your suggestions.

tak ze cztery jajka kilka kur, jedna - biała dziewczynka karmiąca kury - słodkie mięso na grillu dziewczynka na huśtawce huśtawka

Tourist information

We take care of our guests and we are open to advise them how to plan their sightseeing. We have guide books, free maps and leaflets informing about interesting places in Kraków and around. We can recommend nice music clubs and cafes in Kraków, compulsory and non-compulsory monuments, umknown corners, and also what's going on in Michałowice. We will show on maps where to go and what to see here, as you can not be bored here!

Eglish speaking reception

All foreigners are welcomed! We have a few years of experience in accommodating tourists from all over the world. We were always promoting Kraków and its attractions, polish food, polish traditions. Now we would like to show you Polish countryside, a building of a traditional manor style with a porch and columns, surrounded by a garden full of flowers, Polish food, to our opinion - the best in the world!

Mini shop with sport clothes

  • Was it to be nice hot and it turned out to be horrible cold?
  • Are you bored with your old jumper, and it makes you seak when you look at its colour?
  • Did you use to go for a trips in business attire, not knowing why, and you want to change your image at last?
  • Are you on business trip, you want to take it easy, and you lack an informal garment?
  • Have you had a daddy image so far and you want to get younger?
  • Are you fed up with running along shopping galleries looking for something, and mostly and desperately way-out?
  • Do you feel down wanting to do something, but not knowing exactly what?


We have a few nice sport clothes on a hanger, out of discount with a tag, or a little, very little second-hand. Each of them has a style, original look. Just like us :). You can choose whatever you like and feel at ease. We can play in changing clothes. You let your stress out, and turn into a different frequency. Let your brain FLY really HIGH!